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Ashley - Remy & Cooper's Mom

Ashley's Bio

Ashley spends her days juggling her time between Twisted Fitness, the Yoga & Spin Studio she co-owns, and home life where she is the nurturing foundation for Remy and Cooper. Her days are surrounded by her family at home and at the studio. Ashley's number one priority is making sure her boys, Remy and Cooper, along with her husband, John, are healthy and happy. Knowing that staying active is the key to staying healthy, she makes sure the Fontenot's take part in many physical activities together.

Ashley enjoys many different sports such as running, cycling, triathlons and group fitness. It is obvious that Ashley and John's love for these sports have rubbed off on their children. During the summers, Ashley spends a lot of time getting Remy and Cooper to and from swim team practice and swim meets. The swim team experience is fun for the whole family, but it also keeps the boys very active and fit. The family also participates in running races together, as well as many other fun filled fitness adventures. When Ashley is not running, biking or swimming alongside her family, she is cheering them on with great excitement and love! Ashley also stays fit as a fitness instructor at Twisted where she motivates others in the community to get healthy and fit and stay in shape.

Ashley feels that the Fontenot's were put together as a family by God for a purpose. Their purpose is to show people that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. The Fontenot family choose to make a difference by sharing their love of health, fitness and fun with the world.


Ashley Says:

"My family and I share a love for health and fitness.  Exercise is a way of life for us and we love our life!!!"