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Cooper - Heart Defect Survivor - AKA Super Cooper

Cooper's Bio

Cooper Fontenot

Cooper / Beautiful Boy

Cooper was born on Saturday, November 20, 2004. When he was born the nurse's noticed that Cooper's skin tone was bluish in nature and after almost four hours after he was born, Cooper was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries. This congenital heart defect causes the two main arteries, the Pulmonary Artery and the Aorta, to grow out of the opposite heart chambers. The defect causes the red blood and the blue blood to be segregated and never mixes depriving the body of much needed oxygenated blood.

Cooper underwent a sepal defect procedure when he was 2-days old, an open-heart surgery when he was 9-days old, an angiogram when he was 6-months old and a balloon angioplasty when he was 9-months old, and most recently a bilateral stent procedures in his pulmonary artery this summer (2014).  To top it off, in July of 2014 a tree branch fell on Cooper's leg breaking his tibia (shin bone) and fibula putting him in a full leg cast. He remained in a cast for 9 weeks and then a walking boot for 3 weeks. Cooper is a very tough kid who has certainly been through a lot.

Cooper understands that he must stay healthy in order for his heart to stay healthy. He is now old enough to participate in the Super Cooper Heart Run events by running in the 1-mile fun run and has completed in several 5K races as well. He has played on the local soccer league, and plays flag football and baseball. He has been on the Bayou Black Tarpon swim team for 3 years along with his brother Remy. Cooper was able to participate in his first kids triathlon (Mighty Kids Tri / June 2011) and had a blast taking 1st place in his age group. The Bayou Kids Triathlon was Cooper's second kids tri in the summer of 2012. Skateboarding is another activity that Cooper really loves!

Cooper is now 14 years old and doing great. He is still restricted from contact sports but loves playing basketball (in a league and in the front driveway with his neighborhood friends), as well as cross country, track and baseball.  He's still a very very active kid.

Cooper Says:

 "When I was born I had heart surgery. I don't remember if it hurt or not. I need to stay healthy because I might have another heart defect. I stay healthy by eating healthy food and drinking healthy drinks and by exercising, like swimming and running."