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Remy - Cooper's Big Brother

Remy's Bio

Remy supporting the New Orleans Saints

Remy / Born to be Wild

Born in early 2003, Remy was healthy and full of life. He learned how to communicate to his parents by way of baby sign language even though he could hear just fine. John & Ashley once read that sign language allows the child to express themselves before language skills are developed. At 18 months old, Remy knew how to sign 34 different words.

When Cooper was born, Remy was the best big brother a little boy could have. Remy worried so much about Cooper's well-being and when Cooper finally came home, Remy made sure that he took very good care of his little brother.

Remy is very active and by the time he was 12 years old has completed several 5K races, two (2) adventure races and three (3) Kids Triathlons, and this past summer (2014) ran his first 5-mile race, which happened to be at night on trials. He loved it! The 2009 Super Cooper Heart Run in Houma was his first ever 5K race. Remy has also competed on the local swim team (Bayou Black Tarpons) over the years. Basketball, baseball and tennis are other sports he participates in. In addition to sports, he has a love for acting and in the spring of 2011 was cast as the Cowardly Lion in a theatrical rendition of The Wizard of Oz. He is currently enrolled in drama courses through SOLA. 

At 16 years old now, Remy is a sophomore in High School and looking forward driving around town in his recently issued drivers license. 


Remy Says:

"It's so important to be healthy because it works your brain and your muscles."