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Strong Heart Trail Trot - The 5th Year

Brooklyn - Beating The Odds

Strong Heart Trail Trot - 2019

Join us for a fun 2-mile trail run/jog/walk. This is a no frills race with the #1 purpose to raise funds to assist a member of our community.

Our 5th year organizing this event will be a very special one. Our goal is to help 9 year-old Brooklyn continue her quest in overcoming odds. She has gone through so much and still has several surgeries ahead of her. She is also in need of a service dog. I know our running community can come together and help Brooklyn and her family. 

WHEN? Friday (evening), May 31,  2019 / 7 PM Start
*Onsite Registration only

WHERE? Southdown Trails off of Valhi Rd (Houma)
(south of Hollywood Rd)

HOW MUCH? Only $10 per race entry

WHAT? 2-Mile trail run on grassy trails

Brooklyn Overcomes All Odds

This is the story of Brooklyn Verdin from Bourg, LA. Brooklyn was born with a very rare developmental birth defect called Schizencephaly. She was also born with another rare condition called Aplasia Cutis Congenita. When Brooklyn was born, she underwent emergency surgery, because the placenta was attached to the left side of her brain. She spent two months in the hospital, and then went home with her biological parents before having to return to the hospital to be put on life support due to her condition.

At four months of age, Brooklyn went home with her adopted family who vowed to love and care for her. Brooklyn was not expected to live very long once released from the hospital and was sent home with Hospice. However, with the care of her loving family, prayers, and the faith of many loved ones, Brooklyn beat the odds. She is now nine years old and has grown to be an extraordinary girl.

Although her journey has been rough, she is always smiling and making others smile. She has a long road ahead of her. Tammy and Bradley, Brooklyn's parents, are the most selfless people you will ever meet. They have devoted their whole life to their children and do all they can for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has issues with walking due to unsteady balance. Her doctors have recommended a service dog to help assist her while walking. Getting a service dog is something that Tammy and Bradley would love to do for Brooklyn, but at this time they cannot afford this.

Brooklyn also has many upcoming surgeries. Some of the surgeries needed are for expanding her scalp, skin and bone grafting, reconstructive surgery for her hands, nose, and to create eye sockets. This will require Brooklyn and her family to travel to multiple hospitals for a long period of time. These hospitals are located in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, even though she has insurance it does not cover all medical expenses or any travel expenses. They will not be able to afford these traveling expenses on their own.